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Hotel Automation


☛ MMT Acoustix introduces first time smartphone hotel automation technology in india at affordable prices. MMT Acoustix hotel automation system offer the next generation technology enabled smart solutions designed to interconnect all your major home appliances by providing customized controlling.

☛  Various modes of controls are available including smart switches, mobile application and remote controls.

☛  Our hotel automation solutions are meant to deliver high level of digital security, unmatched comfort and efficient power saving.



Lighting Automation:

MMT Acoustix lighting automation allows you to create the lighting or scenes based on the mood. MMT Acoustix provides you Lights, Weather, Music… that welcomes you, says Good Night, Serene Atmosphere, Rocks you or the one that you need.

Lights beyond lightning:

☛  On/Off Controls
☛  Mood Lightning
☛  Dimmers


☛  Operates at various brightness levels from 10% to 100 %

☛  Integrates with RGB lightning – change 256 colors
☛  Customization mood settings and scheduled operations
☛  Integrates with occupancy and door sensors for power saving

Control Options:

☛  Smart switches l Mobile Control l Remote Control

Curtains & Blinds Automation:

MMT Acoustix Curtains and Blind automation system allows you to have full control of drapes in your smart phone. Automatically controlled as per weather conditions or manually, this hi tech technology improves your luxury lifestyle.  

☛  Curtains l Blinds l Projector Screens
☛  Customized mood settings

☛  Smart switches l Mobile Control l Remote Control

Smart Security Automation:

CCTV / IP Cameras –
☛  Integrate your CCTV cameras with our centralized automation system to experience the digital security
☛  Through Internet connection monitor from anywhere across the globe
☛  Our systems integrate with any existing IP based CCTV camera systems

Digital Door Locks –
☛  Track each entry / exit on your mobile app
☛  We offer biometric systems for robust security

Video Door Phones –
☛  Wherever you are, answer your doorbell from any part of the world
☛  Integrates with your access control and manages entry / exit

Gas Leak Detectors / Smoke Alarms / Fire Alarms –
☛  Instant notification on your mobile
☛  Siren Alert for immediate action
☛  Switches off your regulator in case of gas leakage – Isn’t it amazing?

Burglar Alarms and Motion Sensors –
☛  Detects any unexpected motion and performs predefined actions – Siren / notifications / lightning on-off
☛  All activities monitored using mobile app

Door Sensors –
☛  Check your door status on mobile App.
☛  Time based alerts and siren integration

GPS Tracker –
☛  Now track the location of your kids on your mobile app
☛  Just place the smart tracker in their school bags and stop worrying

Climate & Hvac Automation:


☛  Intelligent climate control mechanism provides scheduled controlling of your cooling/heating devices

☛  Our systems work with all air conditioners

☛  Mood and mobile based controlling for different rooms

Control Options:

☛  Smart Switches l Mobile Control l Remote Control

Home Theater and Media Automation

☛  Control your TV, set-top box, AVR, DVD/Blu-Ray player and projector systems on mobile app

☛  Stream your media files wirelessly and listen to different music in different zones – Skip songs, adjust the volume and more

☛  Integrates with any media system and allows control of media via mobile app, smart switches

☛  From TVs to amplifiers, it’s easy to integrate your multimedia devices into central automation system

☛  Replaces all remote controls by a mobile application to deliver a total digital experience

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