Acoustic Foam in India:

Acoustic Foam Panels :

MMT Acoustix® manufactures professional acoustic foam panels and supplies in India used majorly for sound absorption, noise reduction, echo treatment, sound diffusion and sound isolation. Used for acoustic treatment and soundproofing in India by sound engineers, music artists, You tubers and builders. MMT Acoustix® Acoustic Foam is used in major industries in India for soundproofing and acoustic treatment in schools, auditoriums, studios, hotels, factories, machines, home studios etc. Acoustic foams are reasonable and very easy to apply by any foreman found locally.

All MMT Acoustix® Acoustic Foam panels can be easily stuck on any surface using MMT Acoustix® super spray adhesive. All products are tested by the in house R&D department for consistent product quality. MMT Acoustix® Acoustic foam panels comes in various designs :

1. Turbo Acoustic Foam Click to know more

2. Pyramid Acoustic Foam Click to know more

3. Wedge Acoustic Foam Click to know more

4. T-Wedge Acoustic Foam Click to know more

5. Groove Acoustic Foam Click to know more

6. Boxer Acoustic Foam Click to know more

7. Aerial Acoustic Foam Click to know more

8. Egg Tray Acoustic Foam Click to know more

Sound Insulation Pad :

MMT Acoustix® Sound Insulation Pad is a high density sound absorber that converts the sound’s kinetic energy into heat energy while absorbing the sound waves. Sound insulation pads are made from MMT Acoustix® acoustic polyurethane technology which was introduced in India in 2003. The product is fire retardant and durable.

Sound Insulation pad being light in weight can be applied on any surface and material. Its majorly used behind gypsum tiles on ceilings and walls. It absorbs sound and kills the noise. Good for high medium and low sound frequencies. It is a must to apply sound insulation pads above noise isolators to facilitate better soundproofing and acoustic treatment.

As sound insulation pad is made from acoustic foam, it not only helps in blocking sound but also absorbs echo in the room. This soundproofing pad is the best alternative of rockwool and glasswool. Its appreciated by architects and designers to use sound insulation pads as it is odor free, non cacogenic, non itchy and durable. .

Major Application: Sound Absorbing in Auditoriums, Sound Absorbing walls in Hotels, Sound Absorbing floors in Malls, Sound Absorbing in Home Theatres, Sound Absorbing Cinema Halls, Sound Absorbing in Recording Studios, Sound Absorbing in Factory and Plants, Sound Absorbing in Trains, Sound Absorbing in Ships & Vessels, Sound Absorbing in Schools, Sound Absorbing in Halls, Sound Absorbing in Banquets.

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