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Home Theater and Media Automation

MMT Acoustix Home theater and Media Automation services empowers you with connectivity to all media resources of the house or office. Giving you digital power of the area.

MMT Acoustix Home Theater and Media Automation includes the following :

IP to IR Relays: replaces all your remote controls and brings them into your mobile automation application providing global access. It includes for TV, Set-Top box, Projector, AVR from any brand

Media Server - Multiroom audio and video. Supports speakers / Home Theater systems from any brand. Integrates with any media system and allows control of media files via mobile app and smart switches

☛  Control your TV, set-top box, AVR, DVD/Blu-Ray player and projector systems on mobile app

☛  Stream your media files wirelessly and listen to different music in different zones – Skip songs, adjust the volume and more

☛  Integrates with any media system and allows control of media via mobile app, smart switches

☛  From TVs to amplifiers, it’s easy to integrate your multimedia devices into central automation system

☛  Replaces all remote controls by a mobile application to deliver a total digital experience

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