What is Acoustic Treatment?

Before we suggest you any product or solution, we want to tell you what exactly acoustic treatment is. Acoustic treatment is adding sound absorbing material on your walls, ceilings and floor to absorb all unwanted echo, reverb and slap back sounds.

In big spaces the echo is higher than small spaces. Sound reflecting from the walls, coming back to the source at a very high speed after a delay is echo. This causes noise, inability to understand the original sound in an empty room, poor recording and an unsatisfied sound environment.
Adding sound absorbing products on the reflective area of an empty space like acoustic foam, acoustic wooden panels, acoustic fabric panels, carpets help to reduce or completely eradicate this echo problem.

Acoustic treatment is widely adapted in Phoenix by sound engineers, builders, offices, musicians, architects & interior designers and by normal people like us in their homes. MMT Acoustix速 sound absorbing products are best way of acoustic treatment in Phoenix.

Major Applications: Soundproofing in Auditoriums, Soundproofing in Schools, Soundproofing in BPO, Soundproofing in Call Centers, Soundproofing in Offices, Soundproofing at Home, Soundproofing in Studio, Soundproofing in Home theater, Soundproofing in Multiplex, Soundproofing in Conference Rooms, Soundproofing in Sports Complex, Soundproofing in Recording rooms.

how to do Acoustic Traetment

Sound Absorbing Material

MMT Acoustix® offers many sound absorbing products to select from.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic Polyurethane (PU) Foam panels precisely cut in different shapes to diffuse and absorb maximum sound. MMT Acoustix® acoustic foam panels are high density, lightweight, easy to apply and a high performance product at a competitive price. It’s available in different sizes and colors.

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Wooden Acoustic Panels

SoundAxe™ wooden acoustic panel is an exclusive and rich product by MMT Acoustix®. Our wooden acoustic panels are a perfect collaboration of imported wooden top and high performing sound insulation pad back to absorb sound. The sound absorbing material does it job in the backend while the perfect aesthetic product is seen on the wall or ceiling. SoundAxe™ wooden acoustic panels are available in 2 different designs with 1” thickness and size of 2x2 feet.

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Fabric Acoustic Panels

FabAxe™ Fabric acoustic panel is a perfect blend of simplicity and acoustics. This sound absorbing material is made from high quality but light weight wooden frame filled with high quality sound insulation pad and wrapped perfectly with high quality acoustic fabric. The product is 1” thick with NRC of 0.80 and comes in size 2x2 Feet. It can be hanged on walls just like paintings using nails. FabAxe™ fabric acoustic panels are available in every color you can wish for. Color customization is possible on request.

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Acoustic Polyester Panels

Echsorbix™ Polyester acoustic boards are highly compressed polyester panels, which absorbs echo. They are available in 9mm thickness with dimensions 8x4 feet. They come in different colors.

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