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MMT Acoustix® is a brand engaged in manufacturing of professional, commercial and DIY soundproofing & acoustic products in New Delhi, India. We aim at high quality, efficient and affordable soundproofing and acoustic treatment for our customers and dealers globally. Believing in innovation and R&D, MMT Acoustix® has a wide range of soundproofing products for all kind of sound problems in any kind of space. Our prime products include MMT Acoustix® Acoustic Foam, SoundAxe™ wooden acoustic panels, FabAxe™ Fabric Acoustic Panels, SoundBlanket MLV Underlay, MMT Acoustix® Cork, soundproofing door tapes, Wooden diffusers, acoustic fabric, Sound Insulation Pad, Sound Absorbing pads, Acoustic Adhesives and many more.

Most of our products can be used for soundproofing in Auditoriums, Acoustic treatment in offices, sound isolation in nightclubs, echo reduction in schools, soundproofing in Home theatres and cineplexes, Soundproofing of ceiling, walls, floors, doors and windows.

Sound Absorbing Material :

sound absorbing material is used in various industries for soundproofing and noise treatment. We also manufacture Fire Retardant sound absorbing material for industrial uses as well. We are manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of sound absorbing material in delhi and are catering various industries for noise reduction.

We offer high quality sound absorbing material to enhance the efficiency of a work place. We have soundproofing solutions for Home Theaters, Schools, Auditoriums, Commercial Places, Offices, Conference Rooms, Indoor Swimming Pools, Factories, Residential areas,Night clubs and much more..

Acoustic Foam Panels :

Acoustic Foam Panels are polyurethane Acoustic Foams technically given a design for sound diffusion and absorption. The shapes also gives a good look when paneled on the walls or ceilings. MMT Acoustix are manufacturer of Acoustic Foam panels in Delhi, supplying the material in bulk to all over India. Acoustic foam panels can be easily cut into small pieces and paneled on walls using adhesive. We also provide Fire retardant Acoustic foam panels for different uses.Our affordable acoustic foam panels comes in following designs.

Acoustical Foam Panel Designs:

1. Turbo Acoustic Foam Click to know more
2. Pyramid Acoustic Foam Click to know more
3. Wedge Acoustic Foam Click to know more
4. T-Wedge Acoustic Foam Click to know more
5. Groove Acoustic Foam Click to know more
6. Boxer Acoustic Foam Click to know more
7. Aerial Acoustic Foam Click to know more
8. Egg Tray Acoustic Foam Click to know more

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