MMT Acoustic Products:

Mega Bass Traps:

Bass traps are acoustic energy absorbers which are designed to damp low frequency sound energy with the goal of attaining a flatter low frequency (LF) room response by reducing LF resonances in rooms. They are commonly used in recording studios, mastering rooms, home theatres and other rooms built to provide a critical listening environment. Like all acoustically absorptive devices, they function by turning sound energy into heat through friction.

Product Details :

- Absorbs Low Frequency Sounds
- Absorbs Boomy Bass
- Revolutionary Design
- Easy to Install
- Improves music recording
- NRC > 0.80

Specification :

Size : 12” x 12” x 24”
Colour : Professional Charcoal, Studio Purple, MMT Orange
NRC : >0.80
Material : Acoustic Polyurethane
Purpose : Absorbs Corner Bass

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