How To Soundproof A Room:

Noise has been a major problem in today’s life. Be it a work place, residence or neighborhood, we need silence to concentrate and live peacefully. With very less knowledge of acoustic treatments and products, it’s difficult to choose the best and cheap option available in the market. This is the best guide to help people like us, to treat their room cheaply and make it “sound coming good”

Step 1:

Mark the surfaces, which are the main sources of noise. Be it a wall, floor, ceiling, window or a door.


Measure the surface, which needs the treatment using measuring tape or scale.

Step 3:

The best and easy way to soundproof a room is to put a barrier between you and the source of noise. Applying a cheap and easy DIY( Do it yourself) acoustic products can help you in no time.

Products Suggested:

• MMT Acoustix Foam Panels (Egg tray foam):
Egg tray Acoustic Foam panels are very easy to install and can be applied in no time. These foam panels can be customized in any size using knife. These foam panels can be easily applied on walls, ceilings and doors. Low maintenance and durable material. These panels not only soundproof a room but also correct the Acoustics and echo problems of the room.

• MMT Acoustix Foam Absorbers:
MMT Foam Absorber is the best way to absorb outside noise and keep silence in the room. They are also easy to install. They also provide anti- echo treatment. This can also be applied between 2 newly constructing walls for complete noise isolations.

How To Apply Acoustic Foam Panels:

1. Apply Synthetic Rubber Adhesive (SR) on the back of the foam panel and the surface where you want to stick it.
2. Wait for 1-2 minutes, let the adhesive dry a bit.
3. Stick the foam panel on the surface and apply pressure. Its done.

Expected Cost of DIY MMT Acoustix Foam Treatment (100sqft Approx. ) : Rs 14000.00 Inr / 220 $ USD

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