Acoustic Foam In Indore:

Acoustic Foam:

MMT Acoustix is a Manufacturer of Acoustic Foam and supplier of Acoustic Foam Panels in Indore. Our Acoustic Foam is widely used for soundproofing and noise absorption purposes in Indore. Our Acoustic Foam comes in Plain surface design. MMT Acoustic Foam is also fire retardant and comply to UL94 and ARAI Standards. The specs of our Acoustic Foam are:

Material: Polyurethane Acoustic Foam Plain FR
Size: 2000x1000mm
Color: Dark Grey,Black,White,Pink,Yellow
Density: 40kg/m3
Flammability: Fire Retardant, ARAI Approved, UL94
Thickness: 10mm to 950mm
Area: 18 sqft
NRC: 0.84 - 1.00

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Our Acoustic Products Include:
MMT Acoustic Foams
Pyramid Acoustic Foam
Egg Tray Acoustic Foam
Wedge Acoustic Foam
Plain Acoustic Foam
Acoustic Blocks Bass Traps
Acoustic Foam For Generator Canopy
Plain Acoustic Foam,MMT Acoustix

Acoustic Foam Panels :

MMT Acoustix also manufactures Acoustic Foam Panels and supplies in Indore which are majorly used for sound absorptions as well as for sound diffusion. These are also called sound diffusers by various sound artists and engineers. We supply Acoustic Foam panels to major industries in Indore .Our Acoustic Foam Panels are reasonable and easy to apply. MMT Acoustic Foam Panels comes in 3 Designs:

1.MMT Acoustix Egg Tray Acoustic Foam,Corrugated Acoustic Foam, Profiled Acoustic Foam

2.MMT Acoustix Pyramid Acoustic Foam

3.MMT Acoustix Wedge Acoustic Foam

Pyramid Acoustic Foam,MMT Acoustix
Wedge Acoustic Foam,MMT Acoustix
Egg Tray Acoustic Foam,MMT Acoustix
Egg Tray Acoustic Foam for construction
Acoustic Foam Blocks,MMT Acoustix

FR Acoustic Foam For Generator Canopy :

High Voltage Diesel Generators are a major source of sound pollution in Indore .They are placed outside due to their size and disturbs the surroundings. MMT Acoustix manufactures high quality Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam Sheets which acts as a Noise Absorber and barrier and reduces unwanted noise. Our Acoustic Foam is approved by ARAI and are available in various thicknesses and densities.
MMT Acoustic Foam for Generator Canopy is durable and long lasting. Our foam sheet is very easy to apply and cut into sizes. The starting NRC value of MMT acoustic foam is 0.84 and it increases with the thickness and density.We supply this material to many OE Generator manufacturers in Indore.
Acoustic foam for generator canopy
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